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Tamara + Noah’s DIY Marbled Paper

Tamara Robbins | posted Thursday, Apr 23rd, 2020

Quick and Easy Paper Marbling with lifestyle expert Tamara Robbins Griffith:

This is a great craft that Noah and I have done a couple of times, and I love the simplicity relative to the sophistication of final results! If you use a harder cardstock, it can be turned into really nice greeting cards, or pop the artwork into an inexpensive frame with matting and it will be sure to impress.


• Shaving cream

• Food coloring

• White cardstock or watercolor paper

• Wooden skewer, toothpick or other utensil

• Ruler or shower squeegee


1. Spray shaving cream onto a cookie sheet or similar pan with a lip.

2. Level out shaving cream with a spatula.

3. Squirt food colouring onto the surface of your shaving cream.

4. Swirl designs into your shaving cream using the wooden skewer or any other tool. Have fun and experiment here!

5. Lay your paper down on the shaving cream and pat it gently so all of paper is covered on the underside with shaving cream.

6. Gently pull off your paper and lay it down with the shaving cream side up.

7. Scrape off excess shaving cream with a metal ruler or shower squeegee and let the paper dry.

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