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Canada had a blueprint for an amazing health data system. We never built it.

THE BIG STORY | posted Wednesday, Apr 14th, 2021

n today’s Big Story podcast, in the late 1990s, it became clear that Canada’s health data systems would need to go digital. A thorough report was presented, the first of many to come, laying out what needed to happen for Canada to lead the world in digital health data. A national data system would track everything from outbreaks and symptoms to vaccinations and side effects. But…we never built it. Over the next 20-plus years, little was done—and nothing at all from a truly national level.

Now, when we desperately need to be able to have access to real-time data on what’s happening where, every province relies on a different system, and many of them are duct-taped together from the bones of what was supposed to be a world-leading piece of infrastructure. What happened?

GUEST: Justin Ling (Read Justin’s reporting here.)

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