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Camp BT

WELCOME TO BT SUMMER CAMP 2020!- We’re here to help you survive a COVID-19 Summer!

Starting Monday, July 6th right through to Aug 24th we will bring you fun ideas to keep the kids entertained all season long!

From Arts & Crafts to Science Experiments, Sports, Cooking and more- Our very own crew of “BT Summer Camp Counsellors” will keep your kids busy and engaged!


Today we’re bringing out your child’s inner artist with Jennifer Thompson from Create Art Studio!

Metallic Crown 

Make your own shiny fancy crown to wear with confidence, using products you probably have at home already!

DIY Crown Tutorial


Woven Yarn Art

Practice weaving on a cardboard loom you make yourself. Grab some yarn, cardboard and a few other things around your home and you’re set to make yarn art!

Follow along with this tutorial to create a one of a kind design. Weaving is a great activity for kids because they have to follow a repetitive motion requiring their full concentration.

Yarn Weaving



Tissue Paper Art

Twist, scrunch and glue colourful tissue paper pieces to create a textured, 3D piece of art! Follow this tutorial to use bright and colourful tissue paper in a new way.

Upcycle ripped tissue paper from gifts into a giftable piece of art. Use the included elephant template or design your own image. Be creative and be sure to fill the entire page with textured tissue paper for the best effect.

Tissue Paper Art


Colour Copy Technique

Copy line art from black and white to colour like magic! This art project helps children develop their fine motor skills as they trace a line art image and get rewarded with a colour version.

This fun project works best with oil pastels and transfers well onto coloured or black paper. Experiment with a few different options until you find the effect you like best. Use a colouring page image or draw your own.

Colour Copy Technique Tutorial


Robotic Hand Art

It’s you, just robotic! Your very own custom robot art, featuring your hand. Follow along with our robot art tutorial, step by step, to create a robotic version of your own hand. All you need is a pencil, paper, and maybe some pencil crayons or markers.

Robot Hand Art


Get crafty with JENerationDIY!

Meet your newest BT Camp counsellor, Jennifer Zhang! Jennifer is a lifestyle/DIY YouTuber with a passion for sustainability and homemade design. Jennifer has over 2.35M subscribers and 160M views on YouTube, making her one of the fastest rising and engaging channels in the DIY/lifestyle vertical.

Jennifer has collaborated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Savers/Value Village, ThredUP, Clinique, Amazon, P&G, American Eagle, Garnier, Bratz, and LG. She has spoken at events such as BeautyCon and YouTube Creator Days and has been featured on the cover of Lucid and Trend Magazine. Jennifer and BT have worked together to build out a week’s worth of activities to keep you and your kids busy this summer!


Let’s Get Cooking with Chef Julian Pancer and The Chef Upstairs


Taco Tuesday

Skills Learned: Dough making, stovetop, knife and measurement skills

Making fresh tortillas is fun and stuffing them is even better! Chef Julian has given you his special recipe so you can enjoy Taco Tuesday.

Extra Fun: Go online and find Mexico on a map. What is their national costume?


Recipe Link: https://thechefupstairs.com/pages/our-recipes


Family Pizza Night

Skills learned: Dough making, baking, knife skills

Who makes the best pizza Dough? Chef Julian from The Chef Upstairs! Click on the link below for his secret recipe then top it off with your most favourite meat, veggies, and cheese.

Extra Fun: Did you know that China invented Pizza? But people all over the world love this yummy treat, especially in Italy. When you find Italy on a map, look at its shape and figure out what the country looks like. (Hint: you wear one on your foot in the winter).


Recipe Link: https://thechefupstairs.com/pages/our-recipes



Skills Learned: Dough and sauce making, pasta cooking, detailed hand work

Viva L’amore! It means, Long, Live, Love and Chef Julian LOVES pasta. He really likes to use his hands when cooking and today you get to make homemade Tortellini and sauce. Yum!

Extra Fun: What is the capital city of Italy and what year was tortellini invented?


Recipe Link: https://thechefupstairs.com/pages/our-recipes


Pulled Chicken Sliders

Skills Learned: Meat marinating, science, sauces, knife skills

Everyone loves southern cooking and Chef Julian’s recipe is going to make your mouth water and your taste buds sizzle with his pulled chicken sliders. Mom and Dad are going love this one!

Extra Fun: How many States are in the Southern U.S. and can you find them on a map?


Recipe Link: https://thechefupstairs.com/pages/our-recipes




Today our friend Afiya Francisco joins us with some fun ideas from her backyard!

  1. Book Club

Challenge kids with age-appropriate books to discuss with their friends either during a socially distant playdate or remotely over video chat. If your child isn’t yet a solo reader, select books to read together. Choose to have them discuss either a couple of chapters a week or the entirety of a shorter book. Gives them something else to talk about other than Fortnite (video games).


  1. Trail Discoveries/Change of Scenery

Capture the spirit of summer travel by looking at a map of your area to find new trails and green areas. Even places that we’ve been to before feel new with a change of perspective. Take notes about what you see or create a scavenger hunt to stay on the lookout.  Pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy eating off a grill. No outdoor space, no problem, a small portable grill will allow you to toast up some smores and hot dogs to enjoy eating in the great outdoors.


  1. Lego Challenge
    Make use of stray Lego pieces from broken and abandoned sets and have the kids challenge each other to build a new project every week to share virtually or in-person maintaining social distance. For example, week one each participant is challenged to build an escape vehicle – the kids have fun building the vehicle from scratch, then again when they show and describe their creation to their friends.


  1. Sneaky Science

Grab a muffin tin and with the kids, find things from around the house for an experiment to see what melts in the sun. Have your child write out, perhaps with your help, which items they think will melt and in which order. Set the tray in the sun with items like a crayon, bubble gum, ice, a marble and coconut oil and have fun peeking in throughout the day to observe what happens. A similar experiment is with a bucket of water for your child to guess which items may sink or float.



Kicking off the first week of Camp BT with the Ontario Science Centre! The OSC provided us with activities to entertain both you and your kids all week long! Take a look.


Bubble Instructions

5 Minute Ice Cream Instructions

Fireworks in a Jar Instructions

Sourdough Instructions