I Wake Up With BT!

Breakfast Television is giving you a wake-up call you do NOT want to miss!

Each weekday morning, BT will phone a lucky viewer just after 8 A.M. EST This is your chance to win $1,000 – and this week, an incredible getaway with our friends at Destination Ontario! All you have to do is answer the phone with “I Wake Up with BT”.

The details for each getaway are listed in our Contest Rules, which can be found here.

If you either don’t answer your phone or say the incorrect phrase, there will be no winner that day and the payout will increase by $1,000. Plus, each getaway that isn’t won will be tacked onto the next day – meaning, you could score more than one Ontario vacation!

Remember we want to hear, “I Wake Up with BT” the second you answer that phone.

Submit your entry form below and get ready for your chance to win BIG!